20 января 2022 года

Lecture by V. Akhmedov "Iran and Crisis in Syria"

The lecture hall "World of the East" continues to work in full-time mode.Lecturer:Vladimir Akhmedov, Ph.D.

The crisis in Syria (SAR) has turned the country into an arena of fierce religious and ethnic fighting of various regional forces and an object of world powers intervention. The Iranian authorities believed that maintaining the regime in Syria met their vital interests and national security. They were the first to come to Syria's assistance, providing the country with military, logistic, technical, financial, and political support. Despite the extent and scale of support provided to Damascus, Iran alone could not withstand the Syrian armed opposition for a long time, supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The participation of the Russian military made the Western military operation in Syria problematic politically and significantly more expensive financially. Russia actually removed the regime change issue in Syria by force.

Iranian policy in the context of the Syrian crisis has strengthened the Iranian-Syrian alliance. However, its future remains uncertain nowadays. Despite the fact that Basar al-Assad has strengthened in power, his prospects in the power field remain completely unclear.

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