23 июня 2022 года

International Scientific and Practical Conference "Russia and the Eastern Caucasus: the Historical Destiny Unity"

International Scientific and Practical Conference International Scientific and Practical Conference "Russia and the Eastern Caucasus: the Historical Destiny Unity"

The conference is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Persian campaign of the years 1722-1723, as well as to the 350th anniversary of the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great birth.

Conference organizers:

  • Institute of Oriental Studies (the Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Institute of Russian History (the Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Federal Lezgin national-cultural autonomy

During the Peter the Great era the integration process of the Eastern Caucasus into the Russian Empire began, stretching for a century.

Many aspects and plots of the Eastern Caucasus peoples history, before their complete entry into Russia, require a thorough and in-depth study. 

This region has been the claims’ object from neighboring powers, primarily Persia and Turkey, for several centuries. In the 18th century Russia had joined this geopolitical competition. Peter I decided to spread the empire's influence to the South after the victory in the Northern War. His plans began materializing during the famous Persian campaign which became a significant milestone in the Eastern Caucasus influence.

In the first half of the 19th century, as a result of victorious wars with Persia, the Russian Empire firmly established itself in the Eastern Caucasus. Its population became part of a huge multinational power, sharing since then all the successes and trials that fell to Russia.

During the conference it is planned to discuss important issues of the the Eastern Caucasus history in the 18th - early 19th centuries. Among them:

  • political, social, economic, cultural, and the region’s states and peoples development
  • the Hadji-Davud Mushkursky movement and its influence on the historical fate of the region’s peoples
  • geopolitical situation around the Eastern Caucasus, confrontation among Russia, Turkey and Persia
  • the Russian Empire policy in the Eastern Caucasus during the 18th-early 19th centuries; that era events in historical memory, folklore, and historiography

To participate in the conference you must send an application to the e-mail (marked "Conference "Eastern Caucasus and Russia") no later than the 10th of June, 2022.

For additional questions please contact:
+7 977 813 67 44 – Gusen Shakhpazov