27 – 29 июня 2022 года

«Art in the East and East in the Art (AEEA): from traditional forms to contemporary art practices»

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IOS RAS), State Museum of Oriental Art (SMO) and Faculty of Oriental Studies, State Academic University for the Humanities (GAUGN) invite you to participate in the First International Academic Conference

The conference aims to provide a platform for art critics, academics, Orientalists and culture scholars as well as for researchers focusing on Asian and African art-related subjects.

We expect to discuss the following topics during the conference:

  • Art of the Seven Valleys (arts of the civilizations of Nile; Tigris and Euphrates; Indus and Ganges; valleys of Yellow River and Yangtze)
  • Cultural monuments in Antiquity and today (issues of attribution and preservation, problems of displaced art objects)
  • Contemporary art in the East (from street art to private galleries; theater and cinema as a sign system; temporal art forms)
  • The Great Silk Road: migrating narratives
  • Orientalism and Occidentalism
  • Methodological approaches to the Eastern art

The first conference «Art in the East and East in the Art» will be held both online and offline on June 27th–29th, 2022 at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences: Moscow, Rozhdestvenka st., 12.

The program will be formed according to the submitted applications (by June 1st), following which the program and the accepted abstracts will be published prior to the opening of the Conference.

Please, send your applications and abstracts (up to 7,000 characters) by April 30, 2022, to 

Travel accommodation and expenses are expected to be covered by the participant.

Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the «Proceedings of the Institute of Oriental Studies» (your contributions should be sent to by August 1, 2022).

Information letter AEEA-2022